You want to find out who owns that car? You had a traffic accident and the other driver left the scene? You want to see if a vanity plate is available to register?

Now, with our all new system, you can search for a number plate in DMV records & resources in all  50 states.

Type in the plate you are researching in the "License Plate Number" field, choose a state and press search.

Our system will access the records and begin looking for a match. When a match is found it will deliver the registered owner's name and address along with vehicle make, model, year, VIN (vehicle identification number) and tag expiration date.

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It's quick and easy to find someone through our public record searches for court cases, debt collection, fraud traces, or other general investigation and research purposes.

Start your plate owner lookup by filling in the form directly above and run the plate!

A match reveals that there is DMV info and public data available for the state you entered that will allow you to complete your look up for ANYONES INFORMATION.


Your Search Results Will Include:

•  First & Last Name of the Owner of Record
•  Owner's Current Address
•  VIN Number
•  Original Title Document
•  Car Registration Date
•  License Expiration Info
•  Make & Model of the Vehicle
•  Documentation on the Registered Lien Holder

and much, much more!

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